Korea Silla Meets the World at Gyeongju World Culture Expo

Oct 15, 2019

The 10th annual Gyeongju World Culture Expo is currently taking place at Gyeongju International Culture Expo Park in Gyeongju. Planned to take place until November 24, the expo focuses on promoting diverse cultures along with the history and culture of the Silla kingdom (57BC-AD935). This year’s theme is “Culture, the Key to Our Future,” presenting exhibitions, activities, performances, and video clips that integrate technology to promote cultures around the world.

The main highlight of the event is “Silla Millennium, Future Millenium,” where visitors can get a glimpse of how Silla kingdom was like 1300 years ago through a fascinating video displayed on the glass window of Gyeongju Tower. Visitors can also participate in Silla within the Stars, a forest walking program offered day and night; watch Infinity FLYing, a 3D hologram performance that features robotic arms; and experience virtual reality and its applications at Realistic VR Studio.

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